Fortune the Creek Guard (minus elementary particle quantum emission mask filter) reusable

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〇 (Ultra-state-of-the-art technology) New value creation NAVI is open to the public. In order to regenerate and recover the environmental destruction caused by modern incurable diseases and pollution, it is indispensable to regenerate and recover from the elements, and a harmless quantum emission material that does not use electricity (new by minus elementary particle quantum control technology) We are working on the development, manufacture and marketization of materials). Can be used in various fields such as construction / architecture, space decontamination, and antivirus measures. 〇 New material minus elementary particle quantum emission inner filter type (one sheet can be used repeatedly for 1 to 2 months) FTCA.
The Fortune The Creek Guard A Series (FTCA) characteristic capabilities protect you from air pollution.
JISK5600 Patent Office Trademark Registration No. 6181062

Fortune The Creek Guard A Series (FTCA)
1 piece 1 set amount 1,950 yen
Consumption tax 10% amount 195 yen
One set price 2,145 yen
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